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Marian R. David is the director of Sustaining the Soul that Serves. She worked as a consultant with the Fetzer Institute from 1997 to 2000 to develop the project. Prior to this, she worked for six years with the Children's Defense Fund (CDF) as director of Freedom Schools; director of the CDF-Bennettsville, South Carolina Educational and Youth Leadership Development Project, and curriculum writer for Freedom Schools. In 1996, Marian was selected as a Community Fellow in the Department of Urban Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). There she worked to develop a project to incorporate spiritual renewal practices into youth programs, which subsequently became the foundation for her current work. Marian has had over 12 years of experience in the public schools as a teacher, guidance and career counselor.

Pamela Toole has spent much of her professional career working with youth and educators, using service as a vehicle for character and skill development and recently as a tool to motivate learning. Pam's doctoral thesis in education psychology was on pro-social behavior inadolescents. She currently lives in Minnesota and teaches classes at the University of Minnesota within the School of Social Work and the College of Education. She is also Vice President of Compass Institute, a nonprofit that she and her husband founded that helps "youth, families, and schools turn good ideas into wise practice." Pam also served as the Director of Professional Development of the National Youth Leadership Council where grants from both the Kellogg and Dewitt Wallace Foundation have supported a major national service-learning initiative. Before moving to Minnesota, Pam was working in the K-12 schools in California helping to coordinate the first school based (K-12) peer counseling/peer helping program. This model has been disseminated nationally in subsequent years. Together with her husband Jim, she has given presentations and led college workshops in over 40 states, Canada, and the Caribbean.