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Sustaining the Soul's Programs

Sustaining the Soul provides a multi-faceted methodological approach to leadership and the inner life that combines philosophical discussion and hands-on exercises. In small- and large-groups, as well as one-on-one interactions, participants explore spiritual practices, create individual plans to incorporate the practices, and develop ideas about sharing the information with their colleagues. The program is offered in one to three-day retreat settings and is designed around the specific needs and cultural background of the participants. The trainings are also introduced into existing leadership development programs and conferences as two-hour or half- or full-day workshops.

Sustaining the Soul programs are respectful of various cultural and spiritual traditions. Recognizing that this work involves culturally embedded beliefs and experiences, which demand both cultural sensitivity and knowledge, Sustaining the Soul is committed to training, supporting, and maintaining a diverse, intergenerational cadre of facilitators. At each training, there is at least one trainer who is representative of the cultural background of the majority of the participants and one from another ethnic/cultural background. Participants in these sessions have stated that they have never experienced more respect for their own heritage in a training and that this has allowed them to see the power of coming together at a spiritual level.

Sustaining the Soul trainings explore the following four journeys comprised of twelve pathways. Click on the name of a Journey (at left) for more details.

Sustaining the Soul offers Retreats, Workshops, and Trainings as follows:
  • Individual and staff retreats, workshops, and trainings

  • Conference workshops and pre-conference sessions

  • Organizational training

  • Staff development

  • Training Institutes

  • Facilitator Training (prerequisite: offered to persons who have gone through the basic Sustaining the Soul program)