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Quotes from Participants

"It [Sustaining the Soul] has provided a framework for organizing my life. There are processes, like writing in my journal, that helps to ground me and reminds me to take time out."

"The primary difference is my growing awareness of my own stress indicators and my willingness to consider these indicators as important. I have been more aware of how exercise affects my stress level.
It lowers it."

"It's okay to take care of yourself first because it equips you to minister to others. It allows everyone to define who they are and what is it that makes them special. It [Sustaining the Soul] has enhanced my quality of life because it helps you to discover that power within yourself."

"I realize I serve my clients better now. Especially whenI have enough time to relax during my weekend and breaks."

"I really liked the meditation because it really worked. I was a bit skeptical about meditating. It did work though to my surprise. I will use it in my daily life."

"I think it is a mistake to think there is work life on one side and family life on the other. One of the things I like about these journeys is that it helps us to make these connections. What happens at work we take home to our families."